Our Mission

Support, fund, and defend young, conservative candidates who are dedicated to enacting the America First agenda and preventing a progressive left takeover.

Meet our Team

Win America was founded by a diverse group of young conservatives eager to alter the political landscape as we know it. Their unique backgrounds and combined political experience have proven to be an asset as they conduct critical policy research in order to carry out their mission of educating, activating, elevating, and winning.

Our team is passionate about promoting conservative values which have been attacked by the progressive left. We are unapologetic in our beliefs and hope to create a meaningful discourse from a wide spectrum of views. We aim to carry out these values with full fidelity.

Marlon Bruce

Marlon C. Bruce is the founder and Chairman of WinAmerica. As Chairman, Marlon leads the short and long-term direction of the organization while promoting excellent relationships between the board and its donors. Additionally, Marlon serves as a Treasurer of the organization. 
From a young age, Marlon has been involved in the political process. He worked on his first political campaign in 2016. In 2019, Marlon became the youngest candidate to run for Mayor in the City of Gainesville at the age of 19. Following his run, he joined his local Republican Executive Committee and worked as a Field Organizer for the Republican Party of Florida during the 2020 Presidential Election.
Currently, Marlon serves as the Chair of the Alachua County Economic Development Committee, where he is tasked with developing and encouraging policy related to business expansion within the county. He is also a small business owner and educator for Alachua County Public Schools.

Nicholas Lahera

Nicholas A. Lahera is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of WinAmerica. In his role as Vice Chairman, Nicholas oversees digital infrastructure while managing the financial assets and liabilities of the Organization. He also works in close coordination with the Chairman to accomplish the goal of educating and activating young conservatives.

Nicholas entered the political arena early in life. At the age of fourteen, Nicholas was selected for an internship with then-Florida State Representative Jimmie T. Smith. Afterwards, Nicholas became the youngest candidate for the School Board of Citrus County at age eighteen. Following his campaign, Nicholas went on to study Economics and Political Science at the University of Florida.

During his studies he was chosen to aid the re-election campaign of President Donald J. Trump, as a Field Organizer for the Republican Party of Florida. In this position, Nicholas helped secure a victory for President Trump in this critical swing state. Nicholas graduated in May 2021 with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science. In addition, he will complete Masters degree in May 2022.

Alejandro Puga

Alejandro J. Puga serves on WinAmerica’s Executive Committee as Second Vice Chairman and Chief Strategic Officer. In his current role, Alejandro works with our Chairman in order to plan, develop, and execute the committee’s strategic initiatives. Alejandro is the co-founder/CEO of WiseCargo USA, a freight forwarding and software company based out of Miami, FL.

Additionally, Alejandro is a voting member of the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization and Freight Transportation Advisory Committee. In the past, Alejandro was awarded the 2019 President of the Year Award from the Florida College System. The accommodation was for ensuring equal opportunities for student representation at Santa Fe College and securing new funding sources to prevent a budget cut of $450,000 in student allocation fees.

Recently, he was awarded the Leadership “LEAD” Award from the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for his representation of the Hispanic Community in politics and his business.